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This wood burning hot tub doesnt need to be plugged in or connected to any drain. The tub islightweight and portable and can be used anywhere anytime. It goes where you go; makingspontaneous adventures in the secluded wilderness entirely possible. Fill the tub with cold water from yourgarden hose and light a fire in the pit.It can be heated to over 100 degreesin about 2 hours depending on exterior temperature and starting water temperature. The water is pushed through the metalcoils which surround a wire basketwhere the firewood is housed. Thebasket can be raised or lowered toadjust the temperature of the water.There is also a ledge to hold drinks andother items. Keep feeding the A stainless steel windscreen panel attaches to the chrome pipes to keepyou safe from the fires flames while soaking in the tub. Includes a clear top cover with two chrome handles. Please do not leave tub unattended while fire is lit. Extremely hot surface. Feel free to grill your favorite food over the hot flames or toast up some warm smores for the kids its your wood fired hot tub use it as you wish. This product is not manufactured by company who makes the Dutchtub and has no relation to it other than its similarity in appearance and functionality. For sale here is the new an improved US model which includes the following improvements: Extende Tub requires a minimum of 130 gallons of water to start water circulation and can hold a maximum of 220 gallons when full to the top with nobody inside
  • Warranty:1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
    Price: 9382.50

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